Digital image retrieval using shape-based queries

James D. Carswell, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Spatial Data Handling (SDH'98), pp. 613-625; Vancouver, Canada; July, 1998


n this paper we present the development of a spatial data management system utilizing sketch-based queries for the content-based retrieval of digital images from topographic databases. We discuss our overall strategy and associated algorithmic and implementational aspects, and present the associated database design issues. The query tools devised in this research are employing user-provided sketches of the shape and spatial configuration of the object(s) which should appear in the images to be retrieved. Our strategy is scale-independent. It is inspired by least-squares matching (lsm), and represents an extension of lsm to function with a variety of raster representations. The results are ranked according to statistical scores and the user can subsequently narrow or broaden his/her search according to the previously obtained results and the purpose of the search.