Professor Fiona Lyng


Professor Fiona Lyng


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Technological University Dublin


Dr. Lyng is the manager of the Radiation and Environmental Science Centre in DIT.

She obtained a BSc (Physics and Chemistry, 1st Class honours) from Trinity College Dublin / Dublin Institute of Technology in 1991. PhD (Radiation Biology / Electron Microscopy) in 1995 from University College Dublin. Worked at Michigan State University as part of PhD studies. Postdoctoral fellowship (awarded by the Ernst Schering Research Foundation) at the Synchrotron Radiation Department, Daresbury Laboratory, UK, from 1995 to 1998, studying cell signalling pathways by unique microscopical techniques utilising synchrotron radiation. Also deputy station manager of the confocal microscopy facility at Daresbury Laboratory which involved the training of users and upgrading and maintaining the facility. Worked at the Cellular Physiology Research Unit in University College Cork from 1998 to 1999 continuing research from Daresbury Laboratory and commissioning and training users on a Bio Rad MRC 1024 confocal microscope. Awarded a DIT postdoctoral fellowship in 1999 and an Arnold Graves Fellowship in 2000. RESC Centre Manager since 2003 with responsibility for approx. 12 postgraduate students and 4 postdoctoral researchers. Currently PI on 5 grants and over 75 peer reviewed publications. Have supervised 13 PhD projects and 2 MPhil projects to completion. Awarded Honorary Professorship of DIT, Feb 2012.

Current research interests are in non-targeted effects of ionisng and non ionising radiation: genomic instability (heritable damage in the distant progeny of irradiated cells) and the bystander effect (release of a signal by irradiated cells that can affect unexposed cells). Also interested in the use of vibrational spectroscopy for disease diagnosis.

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Professor Fiona Lyng