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*pedagogy, Environmental sciences (social aspects

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25th International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education 7-8 September 2023, Elisava University School of Design and Engineering, Barcelona, Spain


The paper presents a case study on the implementation of Low-Tech development model to teach sustainability in design-led programmes. The author argues that sustainability education should include not only the technical aspects of sustainability theory but also the underlying social aspects. The low-tech approach fits well in design-led modules since it encourages students to consider appropriate technological solutions for design projects while focusing on user behaviour to develop articulate solutions. The study explores the pedagogical approach of the content used to teach the design module and introduces a low-tech design workshop to aid students in implementing learning. The results of the study show that students' understanding of sustainability and low-tech design increased, and they were able to implement mechanical solutions to design problems while considering the social element of their design outputs.


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