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Rural Issues in Higher Education

Proceedings of Conference held in Tipperary Institute

22nd and 23rd November 2001

Produced by the Higher Education Equality Unit, August 2002

Edited by Angela O'Connell

ISBN NO. 0-9543323-0-x


In 1998 Technological University Dublin formed a partnership with the Sherkin Island Development Society to deliver a pilot programme in Art and Culture on an offshore island in the Atlantic. Developed around the needs of the local community the programme utilised a combination of live and remote teaching methods built around a series of intense workshops. The paper traces the genesis of the project and addresses three main questions: what it cost; what resources were required; and how it might be sustained. The pilot ran from October 2000 to May 2001and was so successful that a second offering has commenced and the team has embarked on the process of seeking validation for a full bachelors degree.