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Outdoor navigation is a very challenging activity for People who suffer from Blindness or Visually Impairment (PBVI). Having examined the current literature, we conclude that there are very few publications providing a nuanced understanding of how PBVI undertake a journey in an outdoor environment and what their main challenges and obstacles are. To throw some light on this gap, we conducted a questionnaire in collaboration with the National Council for the Blind Ireland (NCBI) for 49 PBVI. Our questionnaire gathers information about key aspects related to PBVI outdoor navigation such as support tools/devices, hazards, journey preparation, crossing roads, and understanding the environment. We analyse the responses and present the main findings and potential solutions. Our analysis gives relevant insights into PBVI requirements and gaps in assistive navigation systems. According to the feedback of the participants, the current journey navigation apps do not provide enough information to the PBVI about key aspects of their journey planning. For example, apps generally lack information about traffic lights or crossroads.




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This questionnaire was carried out by the Technical University of Ireland in collaboration with NSCI in 2021. It reveals key aspects of how Users with Blindness or Visual Impairment (UBVI) interact with outdoor navigation applications. The goal of the questionnaire is to cover the gaps in the literature, to give insights into ways to decrease barriers, improve the provided support from institutions, and enhance the interaction between UBVI and navigation technologies. The questionnaire has 24 questions, and it was responded to by 49 participants. Four questions are about outdoor navigation activity, three questions are about navigation support, three questions are about outdoor navigation hazards, three questions are about journey preparation, two questions are about crossing a street intersection, and five questions are about surrounding visual features. The answers are anonymous to protect the identity of the participants. The questionnaire contained free-text questions, in addition to multiple-choice and check-box questions. All the answers have been summarized in the paper: "Interaction between Users with Visual Impairment and Outdoor Navigation Applications: A Study on Experiences, Challenges, and Future Directions." This folder contains the questionnaire details and responses from participants. It includes an Excel file where the questions and answers are provided. The top headers of the file include the 24 questions of the questionnaire. Each row includes the answer of each of the participants.


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