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Information science (social aspects)

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O’Neill, B., & DInh, T. (2017). The EU Kids Online Project: the importance of large scale, cross-national research. In L. Corcoran & C. McGuckin (Eds.), Bullying and cyberbullying : prevalence, psychological impacts and intervention strategies. New York: Nova Science Publishers.


Cyberbullying or the use of online or electronic forms of communication to harass, threaten, and otherwise inflict harm has become one of the most talked about negative consequences of young people’s use of Internet technologies. With ever increasing and diversifying online platforms, policymakers have sometimes struggled to find the right balance to support youthful adoption of social media and the need for protection and/or redress when things go wrong. Crucially, policymakers require evidence to support decision making and to target solutions to problems that have sometimes been the subject of heightened public concern and anxiety.

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