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in Rajikla Bhandari and Shepherd Laughlin (eds), Higher Education on the Move: New Developments in Global Mobility, Institute of International Education, New York. Pp79-94.


This chapter will look at the impact that rankings are having on student choice and mobility, and the way in which both higher education institutions (HEIs) and government are responding to global competition for talent. It draws on the results of an international survey of HE leaders in 2006 and interviews with HEIs in Australia, Japan and Germany during 2008. The research was conducted under the auspices of the OECD Programme for Institutional Management of Higher Education, the International Association of Universities, and the Institute of Higher Education Policy—the latter with funding from the Lumina Foundation. There are three main sections: part 1 describes the growing importance that rankings are having on student mobility and student choice; part 2 provides an overview of the recruitment and other initiatives HEIs are adopting; and part 3 looks at policy reaction. The final section offers some concluding observations on the way in which rankings are accelerating competition for the lucrative international student market.