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5.2 ECONOMICS AND BUSINESS, Industrial relations, Business and Management.

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Journal: Estação Científica (ISSN 1809-046X) - Special Edition: Internationalization.


This article aims to briefly understand and evaluate the main external and internal factors that impact directly on human resources development area within the organisations, mainly related to multinational companies. Also, it discusses the various aspects and influences on HRD-(Human Resources Development) such as societal, organisational/local, global, that impacts on costs, environment, regulations, policies, culture, beliefs, technology and values. This research was carried out by way of a literature review. This is important to demonstrate, explain and evaluate the current existent literature about this specific theme covered in this article. Furthermore, through this review we compared previous research on HRD. In conclusion, there is a discussion on the HRD´s importance for companies and professionals, as well as recommendations for companies` concerns. Overall, HRD professionals should be flexible to adapt to external trends, change at the right step and develop the competencies required by their organisations.