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The aim of this study is to examine the labour market performance of Brazilian students who have acquired international qualifications in the areas of engineering and science. A comprehensive analysis of the literature review demonstrates the importance of international qualifications covering both their benefits and challenges. The gaps found in the literature review are also discussed, as well as the need for a more concrete theoretical framework about the subject. The data used in this research was gathered by semi-structured one-to-one interviews conducted in both person and through telephone. The participants consisted of Brazilian students who have acquired international qualifications and have gone back to Brazil to enter in the job market there. It was possible to successfully answer the two main research questions being discussed using the data collected. It was found that international qualifications affect students in many important ways including learning and improving their foreign language skills and through exchanging culture with different nationalities. Also, international qualifications present a good way to enhance noticeability within the labour market and make it easier to get a job. However, the difficulties in getting international qualification recognised once returning to Brazil presents a challenge or a barrier for these students.