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5.4 SOCIOLOGY, 5.5 LAW, Criminology, Penelogy, Social sciences

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Albert, A. (2023). Walking the walk: Ex-prisoners, lived experience, and the delivery of restorative justice. Criminology & Criminal Justice, 0(0).


Although the role of prisoners and ex-prisoners has recently received significant attention in restorative justice research, the literature typically treats them as the ‘offending’ party within restorative justice processes. This article instead focuses on ex-prisoners as facilitators of restorative justice, highlighting their ability to lead such programmes. Using a case study from Northern Ireland, the article examines the way that experiences of incarceration have directly influenced practitioners’ skills and their ability to uphold restorative justice principles. It is contended that qualities developed and honed in the prison environment ultimately translate to unique characteristics that can improve the restorative process. As such, this research suggests that the future of restorative justice might be greatly enhanced by including ex-prisoners as practitioners.



Queen's University Belfast

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