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Proceedings2020, 4, x; doi: FOR PEER REVIEW


Respiratory-related deaths are one of the major causes of morbidity and mortality every year in the developed world. Previous research outlines that greenhouse gas emission levels have a negative effect on respiratory health and can cause worsening of symptoms. This study examines the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on respiratory disease related mortality in Ireland from 2007-2017 using Statbank data from Central Statistics Office, Ireland. Analysis shows that over the last decade, while greenhouse gases emissions in Ireland have reduced by 1.1%, respiratory disease related mortality has increased on an average by 2.1%. Results indicate that greenhouse gas emis- sions have no significant relationship (p>0.05) with deaths as a result of respiratory diseases, indi- cating that the increasing levels of respiratory disease related mortality in Ireland cannot be at- tributed to greenhouse gas emissions.

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