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Education + Training ISSN: 0040-0912, volume 65, issue 10.

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the impact on student work readiness outcomes of collaboration with employers in developing and delivering tailored graduate employability workshops in socioemotional skills for work (SES4Work).

Design/methodology/approach – Framed by the CareerEDGE model of graduate employability, the authors piloted a five-session module for near graduates in five disciplines. The research included an online employer survey (n 5 128), employer interviews (n 5 21) and tailored workshops for near graduates, culminating in a mock competency-based interview. Using a pre/post-test design, participants (n 5 24) also completed the CareerEDGE Employability Development Profile (EDP) and the Trait Emotional Intelligence questionnaire (TEIque).

Findings – After completing the module, there was a statistically significant improvement in participant scores on the CareerEDGE EDP þ12.3%, p < 0.001, effect size (Cohen’s d) 0.89, large, and the TEIque þ6.4%, p 5 0.009, effect size (Cohen’s d) 0.61, moderate. Furthermore, 70% (n=17) of participants were “hired” based on their mock interviews, with 12% (n=4) offered employer connections after graduation.

Originality/value – This is the first academic research in Ireland to develop and evaluate an enterprise collaborative, discipline-specific module for enhancing graduate employability. Findings suggest that employer collaboration can enhance the efficacy of employability interventions and therefore merits further research.



Higher Education Authority, Ireland

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