This paper aims to contribute to a better understanding of social media influencers (SMIs), namely their impact on adolescents’ lives from a consumer behaviour perspective. Therefore, the main objective of this review is to present valuable information regarding social media influencers as critical players in influencing young people during their purchase decision-making process. The major finding is that marketers must consider online marketing strategies using social media influencers as crucial components to reach the attention of younger generations, such as generation Z. Moreover, research suggests that social media influencers have been efficiently promoting both brands and products, using target audiences to effectively enhance communication among peers. In addition, this review offers insights on the importance of econcouraging SMIs to promote environmentally friendly products to reduce waste and pollution, as well as to seek to promote awareness to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, helping to achieve the United Nations sustainable development goals, and in particular SDG-13, as per the 2030 climate action agenda.

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