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1.3 PHYSICAL SCIENCES, Optics, Polymer science

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Proceedings of International Conference on Laser Applications and Optical Metrology, Editors: C. Shakher, D. S. Mehta, Anamaya Publishers, New Delchi, 275-279, 2003.


It has been shown that photopolymers are useful in holographic optical elements [1] and holographic interferometry [2]. However, the list of potential applications increases greatly if reflection holography is possible. Reflection holography requires a material that has the potential to record high spatial frequencies. Here we studied the spatial frequency response of an acrylamide based dye sensitized holographic photopolymer. We have investigated the effect of molecular weight of the binder and concentration of crosslinking monomer on diffusion using real time monitoring of the holographic grating formation. The effect of uniform pre-exposure on diffusion was also investigated. We have also demonstrated that reflection holograms can be recorded in the material.


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