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1.3 PHYSICAL SCIENCES, Optics, Polymer science

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SPIE proceedings, V 6528, 652811, 2007.doi:10.1117/12.716242


A passive indicator for Relative Humidity based on a photopolymer recorded hologram has been developed. The indicator works on the principle that the wavelength reconstructed by a reflection hologram is dependent on the spacing between the fringe planes of the hologram. As the Relative Humidity changes, the hologram swells or shrinks and the apparent colour of the reconstructed image changes. The response time, operational range and reversibility of the indicator have been studied in a controlled humidity environment. Response times from less than a minute to tens of minutes depending on the holograms physical properties have been measured. Indicators with different operational ranges have been designed. For some indicators the operational range extends from 10 % RH to 80% RH. The indicator is completely reversible in its present formulation. It could have an extensive market in industrial monitoring, food packaging and household applications.