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Yovcheva T, Naydenova I. , Vlaeva, I. ,Martin, S., Toal, V. Sainov, S, (2009) , Optical and holographic characterization of photopolymer layers. JOURNAL OF OPTOELECTRONICS AND ADVANCED MATERIALS, 11(10), 1452-1455


In the present work the optical and holographic characteristics of acrylamide-based photopolymer layers are studied. For the first time the refractive index change of a liquid acrylamide photopolymer due to exposure at 532 nm is obtained using a critical angle laser micro-refractometer. The 30 mm thick solid photopolymer films are prepared by casting on glass substrates. Bragg holographic gratings with spatial frequencies of 710 mm-1, 1050 mm-1 and 1600 mm-1 are recorded using a diode laser operating at 532 nm wavelength. The diffraction efficiency dependence on the exposure energy is investigated. The obtained results are compared with the Stetson holographic recording method, where two gratings are simultaneously recorded in the same location with spatial frequencies 2020 mm-1 and 3670 mm-1, using a totally reflected reference wave from the air-photopolymer interface. Despite the fact that in the second method the two gratings share the same dynamic range, higher diffraction efficiencies are observed.


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