A Single Beam Data Writing Process for Holographic Data Storage

Suzanne Martin, Dublin Institute of Technology
Dennis Bade, Dublin Institute of Technology
Izabela Naydenova, Dublin Institute of Technology
Vincent Toal, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

Optical Data Storage Topical Meeting, 2009. ODS '09. Issue Date: 10-13 May 2009 On page(s): 70 - 72 Location: Lake Buena Vista, FL Print ISBN: 978-1-4244-3342-1 INSPEC Accession Number: 10698264 Digital Object Identifier: 10.1109/ODS.2009.5031757 Date of Current Version: 29 May 2009


A concept is described that could allow Holographic Data Storage with angular multiplexing using, uniquely, only one data writing beam; pre-recorded ‘seed’ gratings are illuminated with one writing beam in order to produce a data grating.