Replay at Optical Communications Wavelengths of Holographic Gratings Recorded in the Visible

Vincent Toal, Dublin Institute of Technology
Maurice Whelan, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Joint Research Centre
Alberto Volcan, Optics Group, Institute for Health and Consumer Protection, Joint Research Centre, 2102 Ispra, Italy
Izabela Naydenova, Dublin Institute of Technology
Suzanne Martin, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Conference Paper

SPIE proceedings of the International Conference on Holography, Optical Recording and Processing of Information, 2006, Vol. 6252, pp.31-37.


In this paper we report on holographic diffraction gratings recorded at visible light wavelength, which can be probed at telecommunication wavelengths. The recording material is an easily prepared, self-processing photopolymer, all of whose components are water soluble. Transmission gratings of various types, namely unslanted, slanted, totally internally reflecting and Bragg gratings were all fabricated. Diffraction efficiencies at telecommunications wavelengths compare favourably with those obtained in visible light.