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Theses, Masters


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Successfully submitted for the award of Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) to the Technological University Dublin, September, 2004.


Much research has been conducted into the effects of advertising on various minority groups – women, gay people, black people, unemployed youths. However, research regarding the relationship of mainstream advertising and disable people is sparse. Disable people are one of the largest minority groups in the world and yet, they are almost invisible within advertising and consumer research, and within advertising itself. It is this lack of representation in commercial advertising that interests the researcher. Disabled people have historically been excluded from many facets of society- education, employment, leisure – with advertising viewed as one more mechanism to further this exclusion and perpetuate the inherent oppression. Both the disabling experience and advertising experience of disabled people in Dublin are investigated. In particular, the researcher is concerned with whether these experiences interact. It is an exploratory study as very little is known about this area. A two-stage semi-structured interviewing approach is taken and data analysed hermeneutically. The findings are presented in detail and recommendations for future research suggested.