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Paper presented at Academy of Marketing Conference 2010, Coventry University Business School, England


This research will attempt to empirically examine the evolving nature of the sales organisation from a mere tactical support function of marketing, to a strategic capability in its own right and one that perhaps has a salient role to play in attaining overall objectives and goals pertaining to the business level strategy for international markets. The foundations of this research stem from multiple strands of literature including, strategic marketing, strategic management, selling and sales management and business internationalisation. This proposal attempts to locate this early stage research within these important and growing strands of literature and address the under researched area of strategy in sales. It is proposed to take an ethnographic approach to this research. It is anticipated that the researcher will spend time as a participant observer on an executive sales programme aimed at growing international sales, keeping a reflective research diary recording observations and experiences in the field. In-depth interviews will also be conducted with sales practitioners and combined with initial field notes, will provide deep and rich data for analysis. Ultimately, this research aims to identify the necessary sales processes and activities that must be implemented for improved strategic performance in international markets which will assist in developing a best practice roadmap for exporting companies.


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