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12th Irish Academy of Management conference, GMIT, 3-4 September, 2009, Galway, Ireland


Ireland occupies the northern part of the western European coast which has a 70,000 Kilometres coasting along two oceans and four seas. These coasts are Europe’s lifeblood and represent the trade routes, climate regulator and source of food, energy and resources. Seaports and shipping are key maritime activities which allow European coast countries to benefit from the rapid growth of international trade. Therefore, port management became the centre of governments’ interest and the focal point of research to improve the efficiency. This research aims to summaries past publications of seaport systems to highlight challenges and reveal relevant research gaps. Having the objective to classify the literature, a comprehensive review of journal articles and the best practices in the field was conducted. A wide variety of management issues and opportunities to improve service delivery of port systems was discussed in a three main categories based on port authority objectives; strategic, economic and operational.