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Business and Management.

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3rd Paris International Conference on Education, Economy and Society – 2011


The emerging paradigm of eLearning is becoming increasingly in evidence across many academic disciplines acknowledging the concept that learning processes no longer support traditional teaching methods alone. It can be argued that today’s third level education students are part of a new virtual era where the blackboard has been replaced with an interactive whiteboard. To assist in the transition from traditional learning to eLearning, more interactive and virtually orientated teaching aids are needed. A simulation-based learning framework that integrates web-based simulation and a web content management hierarchy model is the key objective of this paper. Using the highly complex subject of supply chain management as a case study, the new framework allows users to examine various management strategies of real-life scenarios, encourages group work and has remote access capabilities for distance learning. Interactive learning is facilitated using the web-based simulation portal, enabling instructors to demonstrate the complexity of decisions in multiple criteria environment and also show the users the impact of strategies on performance. Supply chain simulation creates an animated experience and better understanding of the system dynamics including risks. The portal interface is friendly and hence there is a potential to be applied in other subject areas.



Technological University Dublin