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Conference Paper


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Business and Management., 5.3 EDUCATIONAL SCIENCES

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Winter Simulation Conference 2011.

Editors: S. Jain, R.R. Creasey, J. Himmelspach, K.P. White, and M. Fu.


Today's third level students are of a virtual generation, where online interactive multi-player games, virtual reality and simulations are a part of everyday life, making gaming and simulation a very important catalyst in the learning process. Teaching methods have to be more innovative to help students understand the complexity of decisions within dynamic supply chain environment. Interactive simulation games have the potential to be an efficient and enjoyable means of learning. A serious interactive business game, Automobile Supply Chain Management Game (AUSUM), has been introduced in this paper. Using theories learnt in class as a knowledge base, participants have to develop effective supply chain partnership strategy to enhance their supply chain networks. Deploying the game over the web encourages student interaction and group work. Most importantly the game will enable students to fundamentally grasp the impact of strategic decisions on other parts and players of the supply chain network.



College of Business - DIT