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19th Annual Irish Academy of Management Conference 2016 31st August - 2nd September, 2016


Promoting an entrepreneurial culture through the development of entrepreneurial mindsets has become an important mission on the education and enterprise policy agenda of many governments and supranational organisations. Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) have responded to this call by developing entrepreneurship / enterprise education pedagogies that now place a greater focus on engendering entrepreneurial competencies within individuals rather than on the creation of new ventures. Such competences are relevant for all aspects of an individual’s life and may assist them in navigating the ever changing, chaotic, global world in which they live. However, some commentators have argued that this development is elitist as HEIs have primarily focused their support on better educated individuals and high-technology based enterprises. Indeed, it has also been suggested that HEIs are less proactive in the development of entrepreneurial mindsets more broadly in society, particularly amongst disadvantaged communities. This paper explores how HEIs can move outside of their formal education setting and dynamically support the development of entrepreneurial competencies and mindsets amongst people within their local communities.