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Proceedings of Sixth International Conference on Advances in System Simulation, SIMUL 2014, Nice – France


Recently, the application of lean thinking in healthcare has grown significantly in response to rising demand, caused by population growth, ageing and high expectations of service quality. However, insufficient justifications and lack of quantifiable evidence are the main obstacles to convince healthcare executives to adopt lean philosophies. This paper presents a real application of the successful implementation of a methodology that integrates Value Stream Mapping (VSM) and simulation modelling to improve an emergency department (ED) of a University hospital in Dublin. Appling lean approach in operations will minimize the patient waiting time and improve service time. VSM points out to the value-added and non-value-added activities in a clear schematic way. Simulation Model is also developed for the department in order to account for the variability and complexity resulted in healthcare processes due to dynamism and sharing resources. A comparative analysis of current and future state of the ED is provided and presented to managers to illustrate the potential benefits of adopting lean practices.



College of Business - DIT