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Business and Management.

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This case was prepared by Dr. Thomas M. Cooney as the basis for class discussion rather than to illustrate either the effective or ineffective handling of a business situation. This case was first published in the report " The Working Partnership: SMEs and Biodiversity" (Dickson, B. et al). The case was written as part of the EU funded Probioprise project which was undertaken by Fauna and Flora International, EFMD and the European Bureau for Conservation and Development.


Hendrik Jan Hoogendoom and his parents sat around the family dinner table and once again discussed the key problem facing the business in which they all worked. There had been many changes in the use of their land over the past two decades but they knew that they had not yet achieved the maximum economic return from it. Currently, the primary income came from recreation activities, which were extremely successful for six months of the year. But the challenge remained on how they could keep the business equally active during the long cold winter months.




EU Probioprise Project