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5.4 SOCIOLOGY, 5.6 POLITICAL SCIENCE, Media and socio-cultural communication, Interdisciplinary

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O’Rourke, B. K. (2020). Media discourses on the economy in Ireland: Framing the policy possibilities. In M. Murphy & Hogan, John (Eds.), Policy Analysis in Ireland. Policy Press.


Ireland suffered a lot economically in the Great Recession, yet its policies continued on a neoliberal trajectory, making Irish neoliberalism less a non-dead Zombie and more like a reinvigorated Frankenstein’s monster, with ordoliberal transplants from Germany grafted into an Anglo-American neoliberal composite body. Yet along with these continuities come much change. There was political change in party strengths and personnel. There was change in the Irish state’s capacity for policy analysis (MacCarthaigh, 2017) an increase in the number of Ireland’s policy analysts and their specialisms, and an increased stress on evidence-based policy-making. How can we explain both these continuities and changes? Perhaps, more importantly how we response to make Irish policy discourse better?


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