The production and distribution of knowledge in the markets-as-networks tradition

Conor Horan, Dublin Institute of Technology
Damien McLoughlin, Smurfit Business School

Document Type Article

Journal of Strategic Marketing


The objective of this paper is to provide a background to the Markets-as-Networks research tradition beyond the usual explanation of basic principles. This paradigm has long been recognized as a powerful force for critical, creative and forward-looking research in marketing. The paper tries to assess the impact that this work has had, and begins by positioning the Market-as-Networks tradition as a unique movement within the international marketing research academy. With no formal organization or leadership, no recognized journal and an implicit rather than an explicit agreement about the relevant agenda, it could be said to be more community than association. We go on to assess, using citation analysis, the relative impact of the publications arising from this body of researchers. Prominent IMP literature, including texts and articles, are taken as the sampling frame. The resultant citing of these articles is examined with respect to the journal in which the citing article is published. The Social Science Citation Index ® 1981-1997 is used to explore the impact of the concepts advocated by authors within the markets-as-networks tradition.