Traffic Related Air Pollution and Sustainable Transport Policy

Marius Claudy, Dublin Institute of Technology

Document Type Presentation

Presentation at the 'Cross Border Sustainability Energy Partnership Conference, Dundalk, Ireland, 2008.


In modern societies, motor vehicles largely determine peoples’ life, having great positive impact on both individuals’ mobility and economic prosperity. However, adverse effects stemming from excessive road use are often not realised or underes-timated by local authorities. This analysis utilises a common methodological frame-work from the World Health Organisation (WHO) to evaluate and quantify the health-damages associated with traffic-induced air pollution in urban areas. The city of Dortmund serves here as a representative case study. The second part draws upon latest findings in London to assess the potentially obtainable health benefits from urban road pricing. The final estimates indicate that road pricing is likely to have a positive effect on the level of air pollution, leading to significant reductions in respi-ratory and cardiovascular diseases and premature death.