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Crowley-Henry, M and Weir, D (2007) The international protean career: four women’s narratives, Journal of Organizational Change Management, Vol. 20, No. 2.;jsessionid=1AE47C99534A500C6636AA5E9E01A171?contentType=Article&contentId=1600837


In this paper, we share individual narratives outlining the experiences of four well-educated western women following a permanent international career in the South of France. By virtue of detailed interview transcripts and contextual information regarding the specificity of the location in question, a comprehensive picture of the experiences and choices of individual women in leadership business positions on an international level is painted. Our aim is not to generalise the findings to a wider population, but to gain an insight into the depth and complexity of career issues for women in general, and particularly for women working in a foreign country.