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Business and Management., Interdisciplinary

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Irish Journal of Management. 2010.


The competitiveness and dynamic nature of today’s marketplace is due to rapid advances in information technology, short product life cycles and the continuing trend in global outsourcing. Managing the resulting supply chain networks effectively is challenged by high levels of uncertainty in supply and demand, confl ict objectives, vagueness of information, numerous decision variables and constraints. With such levels of complexity, supply chain optimisation has the potential to make a signifi cant contribution in resolving these challenges. In this paper, a literature review – based on more than 100 peer-reviewed articles – of state-of-the-art simulation-based optimisation techniques in the context of supply chain management is presented. A classifi cation of supply chain problems that apply simulation–optimisation techniques is proposed. The main criteria for selecting supply chain optimisers are also identifi ed, which are then used to develop a map of optimisation techniques. Such a map provides guidance for researchers and practitioners for a proper selection of optimisation techniques.