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Sucessfully submitted to Dublin City University in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the Masters degree of Master of Science in Information Systems for Managers, April, 2008. Made available here with the kind permission of Dublin City University.


In the context of this study, the term e-learning refers to the use of an e-learning platform as an enhancement to traditional teaching methods in the form of blended learning. The term industry is used here in a generic sense i.e. a form of employment that will remunerate the employee. This dissertation sets out to explore the hypothesis ‘Can e-learning be used to further improve the learning experience, to better prepare students for work in industry?’ The theoretical framework consists of empirical research to identify the conclusions drawn by others who have previously explored similar hypotheses. Initially a Survey of Representatives from Industry was conducted, to establish what they considered to be the characteristics students should have if they are to be regarded as being prepared for work in industry?From the responses received from the hundred and twenty surveys distributed to representatives from various industries (i.e. recruitment agencies, banks, hotels, retail chains, manufacturing, etc.), surveys for students and lecturers were then created, to establish their views on whether e-learning was improving the learning experience (in accordance with the expectations of representatives from industry) to better prepare students for work in industry. The survey of students and lecturers was undertaken to find out how they perceived elearning with respect to improving the learning experience and how effective e-learning was over traditional teaching methods in preparing students for work in industry. The final conclusion is that e-learning blended with traditional teaching methods when used effectively, further improves the learning experience, to better prepare students for work in industry.


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