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Irish Human Computer Interaction Conference 2011 Integrated Practice Inclusive Design. Cork Institute of Technology, Ireland, September. 2011.


The human computer interaction issues associated with the creation of personalized role playing simulations are discussed in this paper. This paper is aimed at those who are interested in building authoring applications which enable educators to build role playing simulated e-learning resources to use with their students. One of the main issues which have come to our attention is that many learning designers and educators do not understand what exactly it is we are trying to achieve by creating personalized role playing simulations. Also, how to gauge the pedagogic merits which can be achieved by using these e-learning resources. Potential users require guidance on the most appropriate uses for this authoring application. The provision of exemplars of use of such personalized e-learning activities would assist potential users in creating their own role playing simulations. Other issues which are to be addressed in authoring applications for creating personalized e-learning activities are: documentation; training materials; preview mechanisms; integration; usability; and the use of clear and relevant terminology. Human acceptance is paramount to the effective use of educational software which is designed to facilitate the creation of personalized e-learning resources. In conclusion, if the realization of an authoring application for creating personalized role playing simulations is to be achieved the following issues must be resolved: relevance to the learning experience; efficiency in production; and improvements in the human computer interaction.


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