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Business and Management.

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International Journal of Logistics: Research and Applications

Vol.4, no.3, 2001, pp.313-327.

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The paper is based on the analysis of the responses of a questionnaire survey of logistics managers working in manufacturing firms in Ireland. The objectives of the survey were to establish the educational and training needs of the practicing logistics manager. The questionnaire was designed to address issues including the various logistics practices undertaken by the respondents' company and the time spent by respondents on these activities; the skills currently required by logistics managers; the attitude to logistics in respondents' companies; the qualifications held and nature of training received by logistics managers; the effectiveness of training received; future training requirements and how such training might be provided; and the likely future functions of, and difficulties faced by, logistics managers. The analysis of the responses received suggests that the existing supply of education and training is not perceived as fully meeting either the present or future needs of logistics practitioners. There is a need to develop new education and training programmes, which should be aimed at meeting the needs of these practitioners. The most significant areas identified in the survey as being of potential benefit were Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Information Technology and Computing; Warehouse Management; Distribution and Transport Management and Negotiations. The reasons for pursuing further training included personal development, and to obtain useful job related skills.