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Higher education studies Vol. 4, No. 1, 2014.


This study explores the use of ePortfolios as an efficient assessment tool to support students pursuing a Business degree, where Finance is a major component. We conducted an analysis on the role of ePortfolios in Higher Education at Technological University Dublin (Republic of Ireland) and at Universitat Jaume I (Spain) for undergraduate studies. Our findings suggest that ePortfolios could be used to facilitate and enhance students self-regulated learning experiences where the role of the instructor is fundamental at early stages—to ensure that the learning process comply with basic academic standards—and diminishes as students become familiar with their course requirements, the ePortfolio’s artefact’s and the quality of work that is expected. Overall, students’ judgment of the ePortfolio as a tool to complement their education was very positive as they found that their learning experience improved significantly and allowed them to benefit from breaks on their traditional learning approach. The initial evid ence suggests that ePortfolios could be us ed to support technical and complex modules under a controlled environment that ensures that students do not lose focus from their core studies but simultaneously they are flexible enough to allow them to be creative and integrate their own ideas and views on their learning experience. This study allowed us to identify the need for further research looking to understand the characteristics and value of ePortfolios to support Finance Studies with the aim of enhancing assessment and learning strategies in Higher Education that foster student involvement in the learning process.


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