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Theses, Ph.D


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2. ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, Construction engineering

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Thesis successfully submitted for the award of PhD.


This PhD research focuses on and examines the relationship between PPP procurement and sustainability and further aims to establish whether PPP projects can be sustainable with regards to social, enviornmnetal and economic sustainability. The scope of the research is primarily confined to the implementation of construction related sustainability practices within PPPs. It introduces various PPP concepts and critiques the underlying principles for the utilisation of PPP in education sector. This discussion leads to the identification of the core factors common to Sustainability and PPPs and the challenges facing the public and private partners in implementing sustainability in its entirety. In turn, these challenges were analysed and it was found that they manifested themselves through one of the three core factors, namely: risk transfer, value for money & innovation and the disposition of these three factors towards partnership in a PPP environment.