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Photodiagnosis and Photodynamic Therapy, 30, 101675 (2020)


The role that tobacco consumption plays in the etiology of oral cancer carcinogenesis, and of alcohol consumption acting as a co-factor, have been well established. However, in recent years, the contribution of alcohol consumption alone to oral cancer has been proposed. In fact, a high percentage of patients who develop oral cancer have both habits (tobacco and alcohol consumption), and other small patient groups only consume alcohol or do not have any other identifiable bad habits. In the present study, we demonstrate for the first time, using a combination of dynamic molecular modelling and Raman spectroscopy, that ethanol has a significant effect on oral cells in vitro, mainly interacting with the lipids of the cell membrane, changing their conformation. Thus, it is possible to conclude that ethanol can affect the cell permeability, and by consequence serve as a possible trigger in oral carcinogenesis.


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