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The Society of Chartered Surveyors in Ireland requires its members to “Be able to justify your own actions at all times, and demonstrate your own personal commitment to abide by ethical standards to maintain the integrity of the profession.” Society of Chartered Surveyors (2006). This paper presents a review of six readings provided to final year students of the Dublin Institute of Technology DT111 BSc (Hons) Construction Economics and Management Programme as part of their coursework for the Construction Administration and Management Module (RECE4815). The paper discusses the principles and means by which the above standards are achieved in the readings. The review summarises the content, and analyses the key themes and the effectiveness of the readings.
This review shows that upholding ethical standard is important for quantity surveyors. It identifies that ethics has a clear link with integrity and professionalism and has characterised a professional as trustworthy and competent. It has discusses the Rules of Conduct which regulate the actions of chartered surveyors and how twelve core ethical principles extend these Rules and encourage members to seek to achieve higher professional standards. It finally discusses various measures which may help quantity surveyors to manage ethical dilemmas they encounter in practice.