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Dublin Institute of Technology, 2013.


The cost of constructing a building project is a primary concern for the vast majority of construction clients. This study outlines the principle factors affecting the cost of building work within the Irish context. The study is addressed to Irish students undertaking undergraduate and conversion masters courses in quantity surveying and construction management related disciplines.

The study identifies that the client’s priorities in relation to quality, cost and time constraints are key factors in forming an effective brief. The appointment of the design team is shown to be a key decision in the process of developing this brief and determining the nature, and hence the cost of the project. Design issues seen to affect the cost of buildings include their function, geometry, specifications, emphasis on whole life costs, legislative constraints and socio-economic factors. The location, physical and environmental conditions of the site also exert a considerable bearing on costs. The study also examines the impact of procurement choices, and market conditions and concludes with an overview of the factors affecting the contractor’s site production costs.

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