BICP BIM in Ireland 2017 Study

Barry McAuley, Dublin Institute of Technology
Alan V. Hore, Dublin Institute of Technology
Roger West, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

Document Type Report

BICP BIM in Ireland 2017 Study, Irish Building Magazine, Iss 2 pp 118-119, 2017


Since 2016 the BIM Innovation Capability Programme (BICP) has captured the capability of the Irish Construction Industry and the Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) response to the increased requirement for BIM on Irish construction and engineering projects. The accumulation of this research to-date is to be published by CitA in the Building Information Modelling in Ireland 2017 report soon. This report is a celebration of BIM capability and BIM initiatives in Ireland and tells a story of how BIM will assist in addressing many of the challenges the Irish construction industry now faces. It also seeks to lend further assistance to the National BIM Council of Ireland who are currently working on a National BIM Roadmap.