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Paper presented at the

2005 CIB W92/T23/W107 International Symposium on Procurement Systems

The Impact of Cultural Differences and Systems on Construction Performance

February 8th – 10th; 2005 – Las Vegas, NV USA


This paper is concerned with identifying the organisational issues causing difficulty in the use of PPP and assessing the impact of PPP implementation on the organisational culture in the Irish public and private sectors. The authors address this issue by mapping the PPP process for one project type and comparing this process with that carried out in traditional procurement. Process differences through use of PPP are identified and organisational issues that have potential to impact on PPP success are assessed. Whilst the study undertaken is not extensive, it provides insight for initiators of PPP projects into the organisational issues that must be addressed to ensure project success. The awareness, at the outset of future PPP projects, of potential for difficulty arising from organisational culture issues, will have implications for effective project delivery.