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Environmental sciences

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Paper presented at the 2nd Renewable Energy in Maritime Island Climates (REMIC 2) Conference, Dublin, Ireland, April 2006


This paper focuses on the particular advantages which off-site housing construction has over the more traditional methods of building especially where the efficient use and conservation of energy is concerned. It will explain why modern innovative methods of house construction not only have a clear advantage environmentally (big reductions in CO2 emissions) but also deliver substantial benefits to the end user or householder especially in the form of lower energy bills.

The ecological argument for off-site systems is a very powerful one but on its own is still unlikely to be the prime driver for widespread implementation. That growth is more likely to come through government regulations and a package of finely tuned incentives. Consumer pressure will come from practical self interest when the true benefits to the householder in terms of comfort, efficiency and reduced energy costs are clearly seen and understood. This involves an awareness creation process and I will be making a practical proposal in this regard.