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Construction engineering

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Published in the proceedings of the CIB W89 International Conference on Building Education and Research, April 11-13 2006, Hong Kong.


The Irish Government’s Public-Private Partnership (PPP) programme of pilot projects is now reaching its conclusion and PPP has become established as a key element in the strategy for provision of public sector facilities. Compiled through a literature review as part of a PhD level research project, this paper examines organisational culture differences between the public and private sectors and assesses the potential affect of these differences on the future development of the Irish PPP programme. By relating organisational culture differences to the emerging challenges relating to risk, value and innovation, it is evident that the lack of a partnering environment is the primary reason why the challenges have not been met to date. The findings show that the public and private sectors must work closer together in the future if they are to meet these challenges and maximise the benefits of PPP.