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Proceedings of the CIB W89 International Conference on Building Education and Research, April 11-13 2006, Hong Kong


Public-Private Partnership (PPP) has now become established as a key element in the Irish Government’s strategy in the provision of school buildings. Specific guidelines have been implemented to define the public sector role in a PPP in Ireland and these guidelines represent a significant change in role from those in the traditional schools procurement process. Through a literature review, this paper maps the PPP process and establishes the new tasks that public sector employees must carry out in the adoption of PPP. The new knowledge, skills and competence (KSC) required to carry out these tasks are noted. Whilst existing literature has noted that a more commercial attitude is required by the public sector, this paper illustrates the precise tasks in the PPP process that will be influenced by such a change. It also identifies the KSC required by each of the people who are responsible for carrying out the new tasks. The outcome of the paper will assist in the planning of PPP process training for public sector workers.