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Construction engineering

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McCormack, M., McAuley, B. and Hore. A.V. (2013)

The application of COBie to Increase the Functionality of Existing Facilities Management Software,

Proceedings of the International Postgraduate Research Conference 2013,

University of Salford


April 8th -10th ( Pending)


Building Information Modelling (BIM) can provide a focus on collaboration between the designers, constructors and facility management (FM) personnel leading to major efficiencies in the operational and maintenance phase of a building. The information within a model can be extracted at various stages throughout the project life cycle using the Construction-Operation Building Information Exchange (COBie) schema that provides an open framework for the exchange and delivery of construction handover information. However, it is then up to the FM software companies to take the information and display it in a user friendly way. The authors have set about enhancing an established FM software package, which more efficiently transfers the equivalent of multiple documents. This gives the user a front end view of all of the information that has been captured over the construction period, resulting in the FM having all of the information available at their fingertips in a visualized database, which greatly assist the operational maintenance of built assets.