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Construction engineering

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AEC-2010:6th International Conference on Innovation in Architecture, Engineering and Construction, PennState University,Pennsylvania,USA


The significance of Irish Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SMEs) being more effective and efficient with eBusiness solutions in the construction industry has never been more evident than in today’s global economy. Through the development of a strong and proactive network the Construction IT Alliance (CITA) hope to create a platform for implementing the use of eBusiness in the SME community. This network will provide SME companies with a direction on how to improve their efficiency and effectiveness through the use of technology. At present CITA has identified a potential business solution that would make construction software more accessible by SMEs. Open Source Software (OSS) has the ability to increase productivity and reduce capital expenditure and production costs. This solution offers SME companies the opportunity to streamline their fragmented operations by implementing the best applications available to the industry through the use of service providers on the World Wide Web. The SME community would now have the ability to use on-demand applications that were previously only the domain of large enterprises.