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Construction engineering

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COBRA:The RICS Construction and Building Research Conference, Cape Town,South Africa,


The Construction Industry is a sector where Information Communication Technology (ICT) and e-Business are used to a lesser extent than in most other sectors. The high concentration of Small to Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) in the industry and the typical nature of the service provided, being an on-site and often highly customised service are generally identified as the reason for the low ICT uptake. The majority of Irish companies in the construction sector are SMEs. E-Business has provided the construction SME industry the opportunity to compete globally. The Construction IT Alliance (CITA) has identified a programme that can create a digital SME community that will promote ICT software. In creating this community CITA will be able to provide the construction industry in Ireland with an ICT software service deployed from a centralised data centre. This ICT concept commonly referred to as „Cloud Computing‟ will enhance CITA‟s services in providing ICT uptake to the wider Irish construction industry