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Construction engineering

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The International Salford Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI) Research Symposium and International Built and Human Research Week,

Salford University, Manchester.2004


This paper is concerned with the process used in locating and removing inefficiency in the construction materials purchasing process. In the first part, a case study is presented showing the build-up of costs involved in purchasing materials. Potential for substantial savings is revealed. The second part of the paper gives a status report on a rationalisation pilot project currently being undertaken by the Construction Information Technology Alliance (CITA). This project aims to show how greater effectiveness and efficiency can be applied to the administration of the construction materials purchasing process by the application of information technology already used widely in other industries. The status report outlines the approach applied to-date to the project, the difficulties encountered, the solutions adopted, the current status of the project and the steps yet to be taken to bring the project to a successful conclusion.