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Theses, Masters


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Architecture engineering, Construction engineering

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A thesis submitted to the Technological University Dubiln in part fulfilment of the requirements for award of Masters of Architecture (M Arch) in The Dublin School of Architecture.


This study explores why timber is underutilised in the Irish construction industry, given its environmental properties. Defined literature discourse (framed by two timber exemplar case study buildings and themed into procurement, policy and academic sections) is analysed in pursuit of factors that meet the research question. The literature data collected is used to formulate action-based research in the form of a “Wood First” motion, subsequently passed into policy by South Dublin County Council in July 2017. The literature is also refined into questions for a two-stage, fourth-generation evaluation interview process. This process further examines the discourse of industry experts and stakeholders in the Irish construction industry. The findings reveal a complex matrix of relationships, knowledge/communication vacuums and resistance. However, the matrix also identifies positive outcomes which can assist the development of timber in the Republic of Ireland.