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Architectural design

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In: ANNE LOUISE BANG, J. B., IRENE ALMA LØNNE, NITHIKUL NIMKULRAT (ed.) 2015. Tangible Means. Experiential Knowledge Through Materials. EKSIG 2015. Design School Kolding, University of Southern Denmark: Design School Kolding, Denmark.


This paper formulates a notion of material-oriented design in wood, proposing an alternative ontology where the material is seen as an equal rights partner to the designer. Further, I contrast the constructivist and evolutionary types of management, where in the latter systems are produced with minimal waste and energy expense. I discuss the implications of the approach on an example of five experimental projects, including my own in more detail. I advance that material-oriented design challenges the established form-matter relationship, design process, our understanding of authorship and bears an environmentally friendly potential.



The Oslo School of Architecture and Design